GoDaddy Financial Conditions from Time to Time

GoDaddy Financial Conditions from Time to Time

GoDaddy Financial Conditions from Time to Time- GoDaddy is one of the world’s global leaders in Internet and IT Consulting. Basically, some of its products include Domain Registrar, Web hosting, SSL Certificates, and website builder.  Since its establishment in 1997, with the name of “Jomax Technologies” and later in 2006, It officially changed into “GoDaddy”. This company has grown significantly in their business.  

GoDaddy Financial Conditions from Time to Time- GoDaddy

By the way, the founder of GoDaddy is Robert Ralph Parsons commonly known as Bob Parsons. Meanwhile, In July 2011, Parsons sold around 70 percent of its share in GoDaddy to a private equity consortium led by KKR & Co. L.P. and Silver Lake. Nowadays, this company is led by Aman Bhutani. Operationally, GoDaddy still has main headquarter in Tempe, Arizona.  Along with business development from time to time, GoDaddy has employed around 6,000 people with served more than 21 million of customer all around the World.

In this article, we will analyse the financial position and condition of GoDaddy. All of the Data was obtained from Annual Report of GoDaddy from 2014 to 2021. Here are some the financial conditions of GoDaddy

The GoDaddy’s Financial Condition From 2014 to 2021

Million US Dollar($)Million US Dollar($)Million US Dollar($)
Source:GoDaddy Annual Report, 2014-2021

The financial condition of in the up and down conditions. In 2015 to 2021, the financial condition based on the Balance sheet, Annual Report, GoDaddy still in the stagnant conditions. There are no significantly or gradually improvement from 2014 to 2021. Similarly, this increasing value of assets has positively correlation with Liabilities. The increasing of assets was followed by the increasing of Liabilities. The Assets has increased from 3,260 million US Dollars in 2014 to 7,417 million US Dollar in 2021. Furthermore, liabilities also have grown significantly from 2,850 million US Dollars in 2015 to 7333.9 million US Dollars in 2021.  Meanwhile, the value of equities has decreased from 2015 to 2021. Equities has decreased from 410 million US Dollars in 2014 to 83.2 million US Dollars in 2021.

The GoDaddy’s Business Financial Performance From 2014 to 2021

YearsRevenueNet Income (Loss)
Million US Dollar($)Million US Dollar($)
Source:GoDaddy Annual Report, 2014-2021

Based on the business performance in 2014 to 2021, The GoDaddy still in vulnerable conditions. This company can’t gain the net income consistently. In 2014, GoDaddy’s revenue around 1,130million US Dollars but suffered net loss around -199.9 million US Dollars. Meanwhile, in 2021, GoDaddy’s revenue became 3,815 million US Dollars and gained the net income around 242.8 million US Dollars. Based on the record of income statement, in Annual Report, GoDaddy suffered net loss in 2013,2014,2015, 2016, and 2020.

GoDaddy Financial Conditions from Time to Time- Source of Revenue and Cost Allocations

 Specifically in running its business, the revenue of GoDaddy can be breakdown into some types. According to GoDaddy annual Report in 2021, the revenue of Go Daddy come from Domains, Hosting and presence, and Business applications. Domain revenue contributes greatly with accumulated value around 1.8 billion US Dollars, Followed by Hosting and presence with contribution around 1.2 billion US Dollars, and Business application around 722 million US Dollars.   

Based on its cost allocation in running business in 2021,  Most of cost was absorbed to cost of revenue (excluding depreciation and amortization)  with nominal value around 1,372.20 million US Dollar, followed by Technology and development with nominal value around 706.3 million US Dollar, Marketing and advertising with 503.9 million US Dollars, Customer care with 306.1 million US Dollar, General and administrative with 345.8 million US Dollar, and depreciation and amortization with 199.6 million US Dollar.

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