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Science Agriculture (scienceagri.com) is an online Media that contains information and knowledge about the world of Agriculture, Technology, Business and Scientific Knowledge. This channel was founded since July 2020 and Our goal is to provide information, news, and knowledge about the world of agriculture, finance, and trade to the whole world  

The writer and initiator of this media is Yohanes Tri Santosa, and a Team of Experts from Various Fields of Animal Husbandry,Farming, Finance, and Fisheries. The founders are people who have been in the practical world of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries for a long-standing experience.  Of course with the existence of this Online Media, our hoped that it will be able to provide Accurate, Reliable, and Accountable Information Data Sources. From time to time along with the advancement of online media, there are so many online media who convey / broadcast the information whose source of data is unclear and disseminated irresponsibly so that it only fools the public.

The Presence of Science Agriculture (Scienceagri) in the midst of society / people is to present information / horizons that can educate all stakeholders with useful information from a scientific perspective. It can be applied in daily life without leaving the aspects of honesty and originality of writing. It was supported by Quality Resources, Competent, and Honest in Work. This website always wants to advance all of the world people in relation with agriculture, finance, and science through educational information. Educating Farmers, the community, and Agricultural Actors in all over the world can be more advanced in knowledge, experience, and working for the Environment and the Country.

Of course, all our efforts is to present quality and responsible information. It must go through a careful process of making works so that its content can be enjoyed by everyone. But if there are shortcomings and criticisms, all colleagues, visitors, and readers can send it so it can help to build the progress and development of this online media.

Science is Organized Knowledge and Wisdom is Organized life

Emanuel Kant

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