John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time

John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time

John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time- John Deere is one of the World’s biggest agricultural machinery tractors. Many farmers and other industries used the tractor from John Deere to manage agricultural, construction & Forestry business process. Until 2022, along with business development, John Deere has employed 82 thousand of people with total revenue until USD 32 billion. Furthermore, John Deere also has operating office in 100 Locations globally. Operationally, Deere has headquartered in Moline, Illinois, U.S. In Europe, they also have headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. Latin America, John Deere’s headquarters is in Indaiatuba, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time- John Deere Tractors and Products

The business story of John Deere started when he found the problems of farmers in plowing the soils.  He can make the plowing tools that can help farmers to do the farming activity more effective and efficient. John Deere basically was a Blacksmith that was born on Rutland, Vermont on February 7, 1804.  His early business created steel plow with different shape and materials. His steel plow was good enough at that time so that many farmers used it. Until 1849, John Deere the business was booming producing 2,000 plows a year.

Nowadays, Basically, John Deere has some miscellaneous machinery products. They are Articulated Dump Trucks, Application Equipment, Attachments, Accessories & Implements, Backhoes, Cutters & Shredders, Dozers, Engines, Excavators, Forwarders, Gator Utility Vehicles, Hay & Forage, Harvesting, Home & Workshop Products, Loaders, Motor Graders, Mowers, Planting Equipment, Precision Ag Technology, Scraper Systems, Seeding Equipment, Skidders, Sprayers, Swing Machines, Tillage, and Tractors.

John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time- Source of Revenue of John Deere and main sales area of John Deere

Based of Revenue, John Deere’s source of revenue came from Production and Precision Agriculture, Small Agriculture & Turf, and Construction and forestry. Production and precision agriculture contributes 46% of total revenue, Small Ag & Turf (28%) and construction & Forestry (26%). Based on the regions, the product of john deere can be found in all regions. Specifically, the main sales areas of john Deere’s products came from US & Canada contributing 60% of all revenue, Latin America (14%), and Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East (9%).

John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time- JOhn Deere Products and Brands

Deere & Company offers a portfolio of more than 25 brands to provide a full line of innovative solutions for our customers in a variety of production systems throughout the lifecycle of their machines. Beside John Deere brand, based on products, John Deere also has some brands including Wirtgen, Hagie, PLA, Mazotti, Kreisel, Monosem, AI Products and others.

The Assets and Liabilities of John Deere From 2011 to 2022

(USD Million)(USD Million)(USD Million)
Source : John Deere Annual Report, 2011- 2022

John Deere basically has good financial conditions and performance from 2011 to 2022. The financial conditions of John Deere can be looked at the balance sheet of Annual Report. Balance sheet describes the assets, liabilities, and equities of the company. The Assets of the John Deere has grown Positively from 2011 to 2022. The assets in 2011 is around USD 48 billion and grown become USD 90 billion in 2022. Meanwhile, the liabilities also grew from USD 41 billion in 2011 and become USD 69 billion. The Net assets or equities grown from USD 6.8 billion in 2011 and became USD 20 billion in 2022.

The Revenue and Net Income of John Deere from 2011 to 2022

YearsRevenueNet Income
(USD Million)(USD Million)
Source : John Deere Annual Report, 2011- 2022

Based on the business performance, in income statement from 2011 to 2022, John Deere also showed the incredible business performance from time to time. The revenue grew from USD 32 billion in 2011 and become USD 52 billion in 2022. Furthermore, John Deere consistently gets the net income/ profit from time to time. The net income of john Deere also increased from 2.8 billion in 2011 and turned into USD 7.1 billion.

Biliography of John Deere Financial Performances from Time to Time

John Deere. 2023. Annual Report. Accessed via  on July 14th, 2023

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