Samsung Electronic Financial Performance from Time to Time

Samsung Financial Performance from Time to Time

Samsung Financial Performance from Time to Time– Samsung electronics is one of the biggest electronic companies in the World. Samsung electronics still become the subsidiary of Samsung Group was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a trading company. At present this company has a primary office in Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Until 2022, there are some institutions and individuals that become shareholders of Samsung Electronics.  The South Korea National Pension Service, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung C&T Corporation, Hong Ra-hee, The Vanguard Group, Lee Jae-Yong, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance are some of the major stakeholders of Samsung Electronics.

Table of Assets, Liabilities, and Equities of Samsung Electronics From 2010 to 2023

in US. Dollarsin US. Dollarsin US. Dollars
2010116.4 billion38.9 billion 77.4 billion
2011134.9 billion 46.6 billion88.3 billion
2012171.5 billion 56.4 billion 115.1 billion
2013202.8 billion 60.7 billion142.1 billion
2014203 billion55.1 billion 148.5 billion
2015214 billion 55.7 billion158.2 billion
2016231.7 billion61.1 billion 170.6 billion
2017266.7 billion77.1 billion189.6 billion
2018291.1 billion78.5 billion 212.5 billion
2019302.5 billion76.9 billion 225.5 billion
2020330.5 billion89.4 billion 241.1 billion
2021372.8 billion106.3 billion266.4 billion
2022343 billion70.6 billion271.6 billion
2023349 billion71.7 billion278.6 billion
Sources : Samsung Electronics Annual Report, 2010-2023

Samsung entered the electronics business since its establishment on January 19th, 1969, with joint venture of Samsung with foreign electronics companies, namely Sanyo, Sumitomo, and Nippon electric Companies (NEC). From time to time, the business of Samsung has developed gradually. Samsung is known as a major manufacturer of electronic components such as lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, image sensors, camera modules. More importantly, Samsung electronics still become the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones.

Samsung Galxy Series

As a leading electronic company, especially in the smartphone industry, Samsung has a long journey in its electronic business. They struggle in the world of electronic industries. In telecommunication tools, they strive to compete with Nokia, Erickson, Sony, Blackberry, Motorola, and the other companies in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. After the fall of Nokia, Erickson, Motorola, and Blackberry, there is an alteration of the handphone/ smartphone industries. Samsung can go up in boosting their sales products. The Brand of “Galaxy” can be accepted by some people around the world. Several times, the sales of smartphone products can compete with Apple smartphones or commonly known as iPhones. Nowadays, Samsung electronics is composed of four main diversified businesses. These are CE (Consumer Electronics), IM (Information Technology & Mobile Communications), DS (Device Solutions), and Harman (Harman International Industries).

Based on the Balance sheets of the Annual report of Samsung electronics from 2010 to 2021, there is growth in assets, liabilities, and equities. In 2010, the assets of Samsung electronics were around 116 billion US. Dollars and Liabilities around 38.9 billion US. Dollars. In 2023, the assets become 349 billion US. Dollars, Liabilities becomes 71.7 billion US. Dollars. Both assets and liabilities increase three times in the last decade.

Table of Revenue and Net Income of Samsung Electronics From 2010 to 2023

yearsRevenueNet income
in US. Dollars in US. Dollars
2010134 billion14 billion
2011143 billion 11.9 billion
2012190.5 billion 22.5 billion
2013216.7 billion 28.8 billion
2014182.2 billion 20.6 billion
2015177.3 billion 16.8 billion
2016178.4 billion 20 billion
2017211.8 billion 37.2 billion
2018209.1 billion38 billion
2019197.6 billion 18.6 billion
2020206.9 billion 23 billion
2021244.3 billion 34.8 billion
2022231.1 billion42.6 billion
2023198.2 billion11.8 billion
Sources : Samsung Electronics Annual Report, 2010-2023

In the Income Statement of Annual Report in Samsung Electronics from 2010 to 2023, there are some fluctuations in revenue and net income. In 2010, the revenue of Samsung electronics reached 134 billion US. Dollar and net income reached 14 billion US Dollars. In several years, the revenue and income faced mixed trends with up and down conditions. Finally, in 2023, the revenue of Samsung electronics reached 198 billion US. Dollars and Net Income reached 11 billion US. Dollars.

Some Samsung Electronic Products

The electronics industry is one of the most competitive businesses. Companies from this industry compete to display exceptional technologies that are beyond the consumer’s imagination. The models of Smartphones is always changed with the additional technology in the devices. Samsung is always still struggling with some competitors to increase the market share of its products. In the Technological business, Research and Development (R&D) is the key to sustain for the long term. The company needs to invent a breakthrough continuously.

Maybe, by the way, Samsung Electronic is the reflection of the developing technologies of South Korea. From time to time, Samsung tries to introduce the new product with exceptional features. Besides LG, Hyundai, and Kia, this company has the vision to increase its market shares.  That’s the example of Rising of South Korea’s company in technology.

Bibliography of Samsung Financial Performance from Time to Time

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