Top 10 World's Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries

Top 10 World’s Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries

Top 10 World’s Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries-There are Top World’s 10 biggest tomato-producing countries according to FAO in 2019. In general, tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the world with various economic and health benefits. From an economic point of view, many farmers cultivate this plant because of the continuous demand from the market for processed tomato products. In terms of nutrition, tomato plants contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are healthy for the body.

Top 10 World's Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries- Nutrition Content

In the year 2019, the production of tomatoes all around the world reach 180 tons with a harvested area reaching five million hectares. Based on the continental data, the production of tomatoes is spread in a different areas. Asia is the main region with the production reach 112 million tons or contributes 62% of world’s tomato production, America with the production twenty-three million tons or contribute 13.2%, Europe with production twenty-two million tons or contributes 12.6 %, Africa with the production of twenty-one million tons or contributes 11 % of world’s tomato production.

Top 10 World's Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries- Stastics of Production in Continent

In terms of production accumulation, tomatoes are one of the most widely consumed types of vegetable crops (horticulture) in the world besides potatoes and chilies. In more detail, here are the countries with the biggest fresh tomato production in 2019 according to FAO Corporate Statistical Database (FAOSTAT).

The Rank of Top 10 World’s Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries

RankCountriesProduction of Tomatoes in 2019
1China, mainland62,764,671
4United States of America10,858,990
7Iran (Islamic Republic of)5,248,904
Source : FAOSTAT, 2019

Brief Description of Top 10 World’s Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries

Top 10 World's Biggest Tomato-Producing Countries- Brief Description

1. China

China was the biggest country in 2019 as the world’s tomato producer with a production of sixty-two million tons. Basically, the production of Fresh tomatoes spread in all provinces in China. According to production statistics, Shandong, Xinjiang, Hebei, and Henan Provinces are the main tomato-producing provinces in China. Collectively, these four provinces account for more than half (50%) of the total production of fresh tomatoes in China.

In China, most tomatoes are grown in greenhouses, which account for more than 50 percent of China’s total national tomato production. Tomato production in the greenhouse is to supply the needs of the domestic market, especially from October to June, when tomato production in open fields (non-greenhouse) is not available due to the winter season.

2. India

In 2019, India was the second biggest tomato-producing country with nineteen million tonnes. More than seven hundred million hectares are planted with this plant which has the Latin name Lycopersicum esculentum. Statistically, several provinces are central to tomato farming, namely Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orrisa, and Bihar. After harvest, the tomatoes will be distributed to markets in Kurnool, Prakasam, Bengaluru (Bengaluru (Bangalore)), Belgaum, Nasik, Pune, Sangli, and Nagpur.

3. Turkey

Turkey is in third place. In 2019, its production reached 12.8 million tons. Functionally, 30 percent of Turkey’s tomato production is processed into diverse types of products such as tomato paste, tomato juice, tomato sauce, tomato pulp, and chopped tomatoes. Agronomically, tomato cultivation can be grown throughout Turkey, but most tomatoes for fresh consumption are grown and cultivated in the Mediterranean region. Antalya, one of the provinces in Turkey, is the largest tomato-producing province. The province supplies about 17 percent of the entire national production of tomatoes. Apart from Antalya, the provinces of Izmir, Canakkale, and Mersin are also critical areas for tomato production.

4. United States of America

The United States ranked fourth in 2019. Its production that year was 10.8 million tonnes, but the country has remained a net importer of fresh tomatoes for a decade. US imports of fresh tomatoes come from Mexico and Canada. Based on the statistical data, geographically, most American potatoes are grown in the states of California, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, and Tennessee.


Horticultural crops, such as tomatoes, play a very strategic role in Egyptian agriculture. In 2019, based on statistical reports, Egypt was the fifth largest tomato producer in the world. Their production at that time reached 6.8 million tons. In the view of Egypt, tomatoes are one of the favorite vegetable crops. This happens because the tomato planted area almost covers 32% of the total vegetable crop. In this country, periodically, harvest time is usually done between July-October and November-February.


Italy is the next sixth-biggest producer of tomatoes. In 2019, the production of tomatoes reaches 5.25 million tons. In this country, there are three main regions that account for 90% of tomato production in Italy. These areas are Puglia, with more than 50%; Emilia-Romagna, with 30%, and Campania, with about 8%. Based on the genetic of tomatoes cultivars, there is the four most popular tomato variety in Italy. these cultivars are Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, Pomodoro S. Marzano dell’Agro, Pomodor di Pachino, and Costoluto fiorentino.

7.Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Iran is the next seventh biggest country in tomato production. Based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT) in 2019, the production of tomatoes reaches 5.24 million tons. Geographically, there are several provinces of Iran with the primary areas of tomatoes cultivation.

The first area is in the southern province in which all the products are consumed fresh, and the cultivating area is around thirty-three thousand hectares. Based on the time of cultivation, the growing time is around October, and harvesting time begins from the end of December. The second area is in the central province in which 95% of the products are consumed fresh too with the cultivation area is around 36,000 hectares with growing time date starts at the end of December and harvesting time is in from the beginning of March. The third area is central parts to Northern provinces with the cultivating area is around 100,000 hectares Statistically, the production from this area contributes about 61% of total production in the country.


Spain is the next eight biggest countries of tomato producers. Based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database in 2019, the production of Matador country reaches five million tons. Geographically, based on the Statista data, there are several regions of Spain with the primary area of tomatoes cultivation. These regions are Extremadura with the production of around 2.2 million tons, followed by Andalusia with the production of around 2.1 million tons, and Murcia with 276 thousand tons. Based on the kind of tomatoes in Spain, there are some cultivars of Spain that are most popular. these types are Huevos De Toro / Black Tomato Pata, Tomate De Pera, Tomate Cherry, Tomate De Rama, Tomate De Terreno, Kumato Alias Tomate Negro.


Mexico is the country on the American continent with the biggest production of tomatoes. Statistically, the production of tomatoes of this country reaches 4.2 million tons. Geographically, tomato production in Mexico is highly concentrated, with six states producing 53 percent of the national production in 2020. These states are Sinaloa with a planted area of around twelve thousand hectares, Sonora with 1.7 thousand hectares, Baja California Sur with one thousand hectares, Chiapas with 740 hectares, and Queretaro with 112 hectares. Based on the genetic of tomatoes, Mexico produces red tomatoes (tomato or jitomate, depending on the region) which have high yields and account for about 75% of total tomato production, and green tomatoes (tomate verde) which have a lower yield and account for the remaining 25% of production.


Brazil is the next 10th biggest tomato production in the world. Statistically, the production of tomatoes reaches 3.91 million tons. in Brazil, there are several states of tomato production. The main are in Brazil are in Goias, Minas Gerais, and Sao Paolo. Goias contributes 65% of the country’s planted area with 9,423 hectares followed by Minas Gerais that contributes 14% of Brazilian or around 2,027 hectares of tomato area. The state of São Paulo represents 21% of the planted area with 3,055 hectares.

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