The 10 Biggest Province of Indonesia with Durian Production

The Biggest Province of Indonesia with Durian Production– this fruit is one of the edible fruits with its uniqueness. Many people from East Asia are familiar with these fruits and they love the taste. Taxonomically, this tree can be included in Kingdom: Plantae; Order: Malvales; Family: Malvaceae; Subfamily: Helicteroideae; Tribe: Durioneae; Genus: Durio; Species: Durio zibethinus.

 Durio zibenthinus

This tree is a seasonal tropical fruit from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia). On the characteristics of fruits, the ripe fruit has its unique taste, aroma. Physically, this fruit is covered by the spine.

Durian-  Durian of Indoanesia

There are dozens of durians that are recognized for their superiority in Indonesia. Kinds of Indonesia durian varieties are abundant with different tastes. In Indonesia, Since the flowering time to Ripening Fruits, it takes 5 Months more or less. The Flowering time begins in the late rainy season, around February to March. But in Indonesia, the harvesting time has varied from one location to the others. In Medan, North Sumatra dan Aceh, the harvesting time began in July to August, meanwhile, Jawa Tengah (Central Java) dan Jawa Timur (East Java) usually has a harvesting period in February to March.

 Durio zibenthinus - Main Area of  Production

In Indonesia, the cultivation has spread over in all areas of the Province with different cultivars and tastes. Statistically, in 2020, based on the BPS-Statistic of Indonesia, the production of spine-covered fruit in Indonesia reaches 1.13 million Tons. The Main area of Plantation has spread over several provinces in Indonesia. In this country, the harvested fruit is produced mostly by the Small-scale farmers and the role of Farmers has indispensable in Productions.

Here are the 10 Biggest Province of Indonesia of Production. The data is obtained by BPS-Statistic Indonesia in 2020 that is The Statistic Institution of the Indonesian Government.

Table Rank of 10 Biggest Province of Indonesia with Durian Production

RankProvinceProduction of Durian in 2020
1JAWA TIMUR / East Java275.795
2JAWA TENGAH / Central Java138.100
3SUMATERA BARAT / West Sumatra131.430
4SULAWESI SELATAN / South Sulawesi73.910
5JAWA BARAT / West Java73.017
6BANTEN / Banten 32.488
7SUMATERA SELATAN / South Sumatra30.334
8ACEH / Aceh28.018
9BALI / Bali26.479
10MALUKU / Maluku21.974
Source : BPS-Statistics Indonesia, 2020

Brief Description of 10 Biggest Province of Indonesia with Durian Production

Durian- Durio zibenthinus- Brief Description

1. Jawa Timur / East Java             

Jawa Timur is the biggest of all in Indonesia with durian Production. The production of this province in 2020 reach 275,795 tons. In this province of Indonesia, Jawa timur has several kind of durians i.e., Durian Merah from Banyuwangi, Durian Kembang in Lumajang, Durian Rindu in Trenggalek, Durian Kawuk Kabupaten Madiun, and Durian Mrico and Lurik from Mojokerto. In this province also, there are place that some tourist can hunt Jawa Timur durian. You can visit Agrowisata Bhakti Alam in Pasuruan, Desa Wisata Durensari in Trenggalek, Kampung Durian Songgon in Banyuwangi, and Kebun Durian Wagir in Malang.

2.Jawa Tengah / Central Java     

Jawa Tengah or Central Java is the second biggest production in Indonesia. In 2020, the production of Durian from this province reaches 138,100 tons. In this province, there are species of durian i.e., Durian Bawor from Banyumas, Durian Candimulyo from Magelang, Durian Mimang from Banjarnegara, Durian Lolong from Pekalongan, and Durian Brongkol from Semarang.

3. Sumatera Barat / West Sumatra         

Sumatra Barat/ West Sumatera is the third biggest production durian in Indonesia. In 2020, the production of Durian reaches 131,430 tons. Statistically, there are nine regencies/cities in West Sumatra namely as durian producers, Padang Pariaman, Pesisir Selatan, Agam, Tanah Datar, Dhamasraya, Solok Regency, South Solok, Pasaman and Solok City. Some of durian from Sumatera Barat are durian Solsel Tepi Lubang, Durian Bulek, and Durian Kunyit.

4. Sulawesi Selatan / South Sulawesi      

Sulawesi Selatan or South Sulawesi is the fourth biggest of durian producer in Indonesia. In 2020, the production of durian reaches 73,910 tons. In this province, there are several areas of durian production. These areas are Enrekang, Binuang (Pinrang – Polewali Mandar), Sidrap, and Luwu.

5.Jawa Barat / West Java            

Jawa Barat are the next biggest of durian producers in Indonesia. In 2020, the production ofthis fruit from pasundan land around 73,017 tons. In this province, there are some famous durians.  Some of them are Matahari comes from Cimanggu, durian bokor from Majalengka dan durian ajimah from Ciomas.

6.Banten / Banten          

Banten is another province in Java Island that has the biggest production of Durian. In 2020, the production rom Banten reach 32,488 tons. Some of kind from Banten are Si Tembaga, Si Wong, Ketanjaya, Si Fajar and the other cultivars.

7. Sumatera Selatan / South Sumatra     

Sumatera Selatan is one of the biggest producers of Durian from Sumatera Island. In 2020, the production from this province reaches 30,334 tons. Some of famous durian from this province are   Durian Tembaga from Empat Lawang regency, Durian Bantal Mas from Lahat regency, dan Durian Hutan from Musi Banyuasin Regency.

8. Aceh / Aceh  

Aceh is the biggest one from Sumatera with the production reach 28,018 tons. Durian leupung are one of the famous durians from Aceh

9. Bali / Bali       

Bali is the ninth biggest producer. The production of durian in 2020 reached 26,479 tons. Geographically there are some regions of Durian cultivation area in Bali. These areas are Pupuan village, Tabanan Regency.

10. Maluku / Maluku     

Maluku are the 10th biggest producers of durian in Indonesia. The production of Durian reaches 21,974 tons. One of durian from Maluku is durian soya comes from Ambon Maluku.

Bibliography 10 Biggest Province of Indonesia with Durian Production

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