Rentokil Initial and Rollins Financial Comparations From Time to Time

Rentokil Initial and Rollins Financial Comparations From Time to Time

Rentokil Initial and Rollins Financial Comparations from Time to Time- Rentokil Initial and Rollins are the two biggest companies in Pest Control Industries. They are the main companies and leaders in Pest control which has provided pest control service in many countries. Some of people has known this company in managing the pest in House or commercial areas.

Rentokil Initial and Rollins Financial Comparations From Time to Time- rollins and Rentokil Initial Companies

The Rentokil Initial and Its Developments

Rentokil Initial is one of the biggest Companies in pest control industries. Operationally, this company has main office in Crawley, England, United Kingdom. Historically, the journey of Rentokil Initial started in in 1925 when Harold Maxwell-Lefroy founded this company.  Basically, Harold Maxwell-Lefroy is the well-known as the entomology professor at Imperial College, London at that time.

Along with business development from time to time, Rentokil Initial also has expanded its business through some acquisition and takeover to the company in the same industry. By the way, Rentokil had acquired J.C. Ehrlich Co, Inc. in 2006, Connaught plc, for £5.6m in 2011, Western Exterminator Company for US$99.6 million in 2012, Terminix for $6.7 billion in 2021 and many more.

Rentokil Initial and Rollins Financial Comparations From Time to Time- Rentokil Initial

Until now, Rentokil Initial and subsidiary companies have some popular services in relating to hygiene and pest control. Conversely, these are Rentokil (the world’s leading commercial pest control services provider), Initial (the world’s leading commercial hygiene services provider), and Ambius (the world’s leading commercial provider of plants and scenting). Operationally, based on geographical markets, Rentokil Initial has some service in the region of North America, Europe, UK & Rest of World, Asia and the Pacific. Overall, this company has operated branch offices in 87 countries with 58,600 of people still worked in this company.

Rollins Inc and Its Developments

Rollins, Inc is an American pest control company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Historically, the company was founded in 1948 by John W. Rollins and his brother, O. Wayne Rollins. In the journey of its business, in the beginning, the early business of this company is in broadcasting industry but later focussed in pest control industries through purchasing Orkin for $62 million in 1964. Furthermore, the name of company also changed from Rollins Broadcasting, Inc into Rollins, Inc.

 Along with company expansion, Rollins has given pest control services to over 2 million residential and commercial customers in 71 countries across the world. The majority of their clients are from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Commonly, Rollins has three business lines including Rodential, Commercial, Termites pest control. Residential pest control basically provides services protecting residential properties from common pests, including rodents, insects and wildlife. Meanwhile, Commercial pest control give pest control solutions for customers across diverse end markets such as healthcare, foodservice, logistics. Furthermore, Termite pest control gives protection services and ancillary services for both residential and commercial customers.

Rentokil Initial and Rollins Financial Comparations From Time to Time- Rollins Inc

With significantly progress in doing business, this company acquired several companies in pest control industries. Aardwolf Peskare, Clark Pest Control, Crane Pest Control, Critter Control, HomeTeam Defense, Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC), McCall, MissQuito, NortwestExterminating, OPC Pest Service, PermaTreat, Safeguard,Trutech, Waltham Service, and Western Pest Service are all subsidiaries of Rollins. As of 2022, based on annual Report of 2022, The United States of America (USA) still the main markets of Rollins with contributing $ 2,498 million or more that 90% still comes from USA.  Furthermore, based on the business contribution in pest control industries, in annual report of 2022 Residential revenue contributed USD 1,212 million, Commercial revenue contributed USD 914 million, Termite Completions, bait monitoring, & renewals (USD 536 million). 

The Assets, Liabilities, and Equities Conditions between Rollins and Rentokil Initial from 20011 to 2022

Total AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal AssetsTotal LiabilitiesAssetsLiabilities
£ million£ millionMillion USDMillion USDMillion USDMillion USD
Source : Rentokil and Rollins Inc, Annual Report 2011- 2022
Currency Rates : 1 GBP (£) = 1.26 USD($)

In the financial comparations, the financial conditions can be seen in annual report. In this article, we compare the financial conditions from 2011 to 2022. The financial conditions basically can be seen in the balance sheet of the company in Annual report. In the world of accounting, the balance sheet consists of assets, liabilities, and equites. Assets basically the describes the physical and non-physical conditions of the company. Meanwhile, liabilities are the financial debts or obligations that company has paid off in the future.  Equities are the difference value between assets and liabilities. By the way, the good or strong companies always shown the positive value of equities which means the asset has greater value than liabilities.

From this article, we converted the value of Assets and Liabilities of Rentokil Initial from Pound sterling to US Dollar Currency so we can compare it because the Initial’s Annual report used Pound sterling meanwhile Rollin’s used US Dollar Rentokil has greater assets and liabilities than Rollins. Basically, the assets and liabilities of Rentokil Initial and Rollins grow steadily from 2011 to 2021. During 2011 to 2021, the assets of Rentokil have grown from USD 2.2 billion to USD 15 billion. Furthermore, the assets of Rollins have grown from $ 645 million to $ 2.1 billion.

The Revenue and Net Income Performance between Rollins and Rentokil Initial 2004 to 2022

YearsRentokilRentokilRentokilRentokilRollins Rollins
RevenueNet IncomeRevenueNet IncomeRevenueNet Income
£ million£ millionMillion USDMillion USDMillion USDMillion USD
Source : Rentokil and Rollins Inc, Annual Report 2011- 2022
Currency Rates : 1 GBP (£) = 1.26 USD($)

In the business performance of the company, the financial performance of Rollins and Rentokil Initial can be tracked down in the income statement. In this article, we compare the business performance of Rentokil and Rollins from 2011 to 2022. Basically, the income statement of annual report describes the financial performance of companies in doing the business at specific time.  In this article, we just showed the revenue and net income.

Like the value of assets and liabilities above, we also converted the value of Rentokil from Pound sterling (GBP) into US Dollar. In the business performance, the Rentokil initial and Rollins relatively has stable performance with gaining more net income / profit. Overall, the Rollins has more stable than Rentokil because they don’t any single financial losses from 2011 to 2021. During 2011 to 2021, Rentokil suffered financial losses in 2018 and 2011 with value USD -124 million and USD -85 million, respectively. In the value, the revenue of Rentokil is more fluctuate than Rollins. Overall, Rollins has positive growth of revenue from 2011 to 2022.

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