Nutrien : The Biggest Fertilizer Company

Nutrients: The World’s Largest Fertilizer Company in 2019

Nutrient : The World's Largest Fertilizer Company

Nutrients: The World’s Largest Fertilizer Company in 2019

Nutrien Ltd is the world’s largest fertilizer company in 2019. This ranking was obtained from the Fortune 500 Data. Based on its history, Nutrien is a joined fertilizer company from Canada between The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan or Potash Corp, which is headquartered in the city of Saskatchewan, and Agrium originating from Calgary. They merged in 2018 and with this merger, the newly formed company, Nutrien, became one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers. Production of Potassium (K) fertilizer from this company is the largest in the world and nitrogen (N) is 3rd largest in the world. Until now, the headquarter of the company is still in Saskatoon City, Saskatchewan Province, Canada.

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Based on data from the financial report / Annual Report 2019, the company still showed positive performance. Obtained sales in 2019 reached 20 billion US dollars and the final profits reached 993 million dollars and viewing from the perspective of its capital structure, this company has assets reaching 46 billion US dollars and liability/ debt of 23 billion US dollars.

Table of Financial Structure and Business Performance of Nutrien Ltd in 2019

Financial StructureValue
In Million Dollar
Profit 993

Source: Annual Report,2019

If viewed from an operational perspective, this company owns miscellaneous fertilizer mining locations and facilities in the world for making nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate fertilizers. For its potassium production, the company has 6 mines in Saskatchewan, Canada. Site Locations include Allan Potash, Cory Potash, Lanigan Potash, Patience Lake Potash, Rocanville Potash, and Vanscoy Potash. In terms of capacity, this company’s potassium production can reach 20 million tons per year.

In terms of nitrogen fertilizer production, the company is capable of producing 11 million tons of nitrogen per year. The locations located in various places in the United States, Canada, and Trinidad Tobago. Some of the company’s nitrogen production sites are located in Carseland Nitrogen, Fort Saskatchewan Nitrogen, Granum Nitrogen, Joffre Nitrogen, Redwater Nitrogen, Standard Nitrogen, Borger Nitrogen, Augusta Nitrogen, and Trinidad Nitrogen. In terms of Phosphate mining, there are several locations in Aurora Phosphate, Cincinnati Phosphate, Joplin Phosphate, Marseilles Phosphate, Weeping Water Phosphate, and White Springs Phosphate.

Two Ladies of Nutrien

The Company has some brand of fertilizer. They sold many products include plant macronutrients and micronutrients such as CropBuilder, K-Start, Urea, MOP, Supreme Green, SuperGreen Horticulture, Super Potash, and Bulk-N. From a business perspective, this company has approximately 2,000 well-known branch offices in various countries in the North American, Australia, and South America Continents. Many of its products are marketed in the countries of the region mentioned above.

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