9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World

9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World

9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World-There are 9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World Based on Data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) in 2021. Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum, syn. Eugenia aromaticum), plant species belonging to the family Myrtaceae. This species is a native plant of Indonesia. Functionally, cloves have been beneficial as a spice in some spicy dishes. Furthermore, in the medical world, some drugs use clove chemical extraction for anesthetic treatment.

9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World - King of Clove

Taxonomically, cloves are classified in the division: Spermatophyta; Subdivision: Angiosperms; Class: Dicotyledoneae; Order: Myrtales; Family: Myrtaceae; Genus: Syzygium; Species: Syzygium aromaticum L. In terms of his relationship with the other plants, considering that clove plants are plants belonging to the Myrtaceae family, clove plants still have close relationships with guava (Psidium guajava), water guava (S. aqueum), and eucalyptus (Melaleuca leucadendra).

9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World - Clove Plant with Blooming phase

Cloves produce many useful chemical compounds. One of them is Eugenol. Eugenol (C10H12O2) is a clear yellowish compound, which is easily soluble in solvents. Basically, eugenol is a compound in clove plants especially in flowers and has functioned as antifungal and antibacterial substances so that this compound has the main role medical world.

9 Biggest Clove Producers  in the World - The red Cloves

Based on the Worldwide database, on FAOSTAT 2021, the world’s production of clove has increased from time to time. in 1980, the world’s production of cloves reached 55 thousand tonnes with harvested areas around 238 thousand hectares (ha). Meanwhile, in 2021, the world production of Cloves has become 186 thousand tonnes with harvested areas around 674 thousand hectares (ha).

The World’s Production and Harvested Areas of Cloves from 1980 to 2021

YearsHarvested AreasWorld’s Production of Cloves
Hectares (Ha))(Tonnes)
Source; FAOSTAT, 2023

Based on the Continental regions, the production of Cloves is still concentrated in Asia regions with production of around 144 thousand tonnes. Furthermore, the Africa regions are in the second position with production around
42 thousand tonnes. Meanwhile, the Americas region produced in minor output with 41 tonnes of cloves.

The Production of Cloves Based on Continental Regions In 2021

ContinentProduction of Cloves in 2021
Source : FAOSTAT, 2023

In some countries, besides as raw material for cigarettes, people have used cloves as spices and herbal medicines besides fruit, leaves, and flowers. Clove oil becomes medicine to relieve toothache is useful as aromatherapy. Many benefits are provided by this plant, especially in terms of medical and food. Here Are Some of Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in The World Based on Data Obtained from The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) In 2021.

Table of the 9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries Ranking in 2021

RanksCountriesProduction of Cloves in 2021
3United Republic of Tanzania8,582
5Sri Lanka5,706
7China, mainland1,320
Source :FAOSTAT, 2021

Description of 5 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries

9 Biggest Clove-Producing Countries in the World - Description of Clove

1. Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest clove-producing country in the world. In 2021, the total production reached 137 thousand tons. The first plantation of clove is in Maluku, Indonesia, but historically, the spread of clove plants to the other region began in 1870 and has spread widely until now to various provinces in Indonesia.

Along with the development of time and the dynamics of the national clove industry, the national clove plantation area in 2019 reached 573,873 hectares with productivity reaching 419 kg/hectare with more than 95% of clove plantations was small-scale farmers. Functionally, cloves originating from Indonesia are not only used to meet domestic needs but also to meet export needs. According to data from the director-general of plantations at the ministry of agriculture, the volume of Indonesian clove exports in 2019 reached 29 thousand tons with destinations to several world countries such as India, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

Regionally, according to data from the Director-General of Plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture in 2019, clove plantations in Indonesia spread across several regions in Indonesia, but the center of clove production is still in the Eastern area of Indonesia, namely in Central Sulawesi province with an area of 76,049 hectares, North Sulawesi 75,287 hectares, South Sulawesi of 64,651 hectares, and Maluku 44,452 hectares. In Indonesia, there are 4 types of clove plants that are popular, namely Siputih, Sikotok, Zanzibar, and Ambon cloves. In Indonesia, cloves usage is raw materials for kretek cigarettes and medicine.

2. Madagascar

Madagascar is still the second-largest clove producer in the world. In 2021, the total production reached 24 thousand tons. The main cultivation and production area is Analanjirofo which belongs to the Toamasina province, including Tamatave, Sainte-Marie Island, Mananara, Fenoarivo East (Fénérive), and Soanierana Ivongo. Clove harvesting varies depending on the area but generally takes place between October and March. In this country, Cloves have a wide variety of culinary and non-culinary usage. As a spice, cloves are used in curries, spicy fruit cakes, sauerkraut, and a variety of dishes and drinks such as red wine.

3. Tanzania

Tanzania is the 3rd largest clove producing country with production reaching 8.5 thousand tons in 2021. The largest clove-producing regions are Zanzibar and Pembe. The harvesting time usually occurs in September-November. Historically, the cloves grown and cultivated from this area originated in Indonesia.

4. Comoros

Comoros is the 4th largest clove producer in the world. In 2021, clove production in a country with only around 7 thousand tons of cloves. The types of cloves that are widely planted are Zanzibar, Siputih, and posi-posi. Many of this country’s clove are exported to various countries in the world.


Sri Lanka is the 5th largest clove-producing country in the world with production reaching 5.7 thousand tons. Cloves are widely cultivated in the humid central regions of the country. Kandi, Kegalle, and Matale districts are the main areas for the cultivation of this crop. The clove harvest usually occurs in December – April. Economically, Sri Lanka exported cloves to several countries in the world.

6. Kenya

Kenya is the 6th biggest producer of Clove Producer in 2021. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production of Clove from Kenya reached 2 tonnes. Geographically, there are some regions of clove growing regions. Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, and Coast Province are some of the main growing regions of clove in Kenya

7. China

China is the 7th biggest producer of Clove Producer in 2021. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production of Clove from China reached 1.3 thousand tonnes. Culturally, in this country, Clove can be used as   essential part of Chinese cooking and used in Chinese medicines.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia is the 8th biggest producer of clove producer in 2021. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production of Clove from Malaysia reached 219 tonnes. In Malysia, Many Clove must be imported to this country.

9. Grenada

Grenada is the 9th biggest producer of clove producer in 2021. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production of Clove from Granada reached 41 tonnes. In Grenada, Cloves can be used as flavour fish dishes, fruit cakes, and in some pickles, stewed fruits and preserves


Food and Agriculture Organization. 2018. Top 10 Producers of Cloves. Accessed via http://www.fao.org/faostat/en/#data/QC/visualize

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