6 Inventions That Will Change World of Agriculture

6 Inventions That Will Change World of Agriculture

6 Agrotech Inventions That Will Change the World of Agriculture in the Future – The world of agriculture will continue to change from time to time. Innovation will happen in line with the challenges and problems of the future world. The role of agriculture still has a crucial role because it has strategic relationships with the needs of human consumption. By using old and outdated technology, of course, output will less than optimal in supplying inevitably human consumption. Old technology without innovation can make stagnation of productivity. New breakthroughs can boost the performance of this sector. Some research has produced new breakthroughs in different ways with two-sided effects (positive and negative). Some Technologies can make agriculture better in production and sustainability. In this article, some technologies that can make positive effects on the agriculture world will be discussed and described.

Here are some agrotech inventions that will change the direction world of future agriculture. This concept, system, and technology are certainly able to reduce the obstacles in the agricultural sector and optimize the output and productivity.

1. Urban Farming and Vertical farming  

Urban Farming is an effort to intensify agricultural activities in urban areas. Commonly city/town area has been known as minimal agricultural activities. The main sector like industries, services, or trade tends to dominate the driving economy of the urban areas.  Agricultural development using hydroponic and aquaponic methods, and simple media expected can hopefully reduce the burden on rural areas which have been known as the center of agriculture so far. In some countries, the urban farming movement itself has begun to grow because of the increasing awareness of the community in obtaining healthy and cheap food. In the future, this urban-based agricultural activity is expected to be a solution to achieving the self-sufficiency of food on a household scale. Plants that are consumed can be produced by themselves and they know their quality of vegetables.

Besides urban farming, vertical farming has also begun to expand with its various breakthroughs. Vertical Farming is a part of efforts to increase the productivity of agricultural land. The use of vertical farming technology can increase agricultural yields in a certain area by cultivating plants in a multilevel/vertical system in one room. The Crops can be planted and cultivated in vertical system in specific growth media.

In developed countries, vertical farming technology is being promoted to overcome the lack of agricultural land. This technology has succeeded in increasing agricultural output in several European countries, thereby reducing dependence on imported food. The implementation of vertical farming is carried out in closed land (closed buildings) with the help of artificial light from LED lights. It can substitute the role of sunlight. These wavelengths of LED light must be measured in line with the light absorption level of plants.

2.Cultured Meat

This is one of the agrotech inventions breakthrough in the field of animal husbandry where meat production can be carried out in vitro. It is like developing a tissue culture plant using plant cell parts. Meat can be grown and developed using cell parts. These cultivated cells will be given the appropriate nutrition so that they grow and develop to produce the expected meat that is ready for consumption.

Cultured Meat is One of Innovation in Agriculture World
Source : foodnavigator-usa.com

Cultured meat can reduce the development of conventional livestock. Meat can be monitored and cultivated in a more hygienic and clean way. In the future, the process of slaughtering animals can be reduced because meat can be grown in vitro.

3.Dessert Agriculture  

Dessert Agriculture is One of Innovation in Agriculture World
source : ecoisraeltours.com

A technology developed can break some obstacle factor. Dessert agriculture with some modification can optimize the function of a marginal/infertile area for agricultural activities so that it can be used for agricultural activities widely. In some developed countries, the optimization of sand land for agricultural activities has been carried out to increase its added value of that area. Several marginal agricultural areas in the world, such as coastal can be optimized for agricultural activities so that they can provide optimal results for agricultural activities.  

4.Seawater farming

SeaWater farming is One of Innovation in Agriculture World
Source : bustler.net

An agricultural activity where its practice can be carried out by utilizing and treating seawater for agricultural activities. Of course, a tool that is capable of processing seawater is needed to make freshwater suitable for plants.

As human growth increases, water needs for plants have begun to be converted to potential sources of abundant seawater. With a large area of the ocean, it is possible that seawater can be used for agricultural activities in the world. With abundant seawater in the world, this is certainly a great potential to explore it in the future.

In European countries and Australia, this technology has been used to increase the benefits of seawater in agricultural activities. In next future, it is possible, the use seawater in agricultural activities due to the increasing number of the World’s population in the future.

5.Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence is one of the agrotech inventions. a term in the field of technology that seeks to increase the role of programmed machines to help human activities. This machine is designed by humans to make agricultural activities more effective to reduce barriers in the agricultural sector. In agriculture, artificial intelligence can change the role of humans in the future. Human involvement will decrease in the future because machines will gradually replace humans functions.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture is One of Innovation in Agriculture World
Source : maximumyield.com

On the other hand, advances in internet technology make changes in agriculture and all agricultural activities can become easier with the help of the internet, including data management in agriculture. In some countries, especially in the future, internet technology will play a major role in agriculture by connecting tools with systems on a large scale. Agricultural activities will take place efficiently because of extensive interconnectivity.

In simple terms, in agriculture, the implementation of the internet of things uses machines or other technologies with the help of connection of local (intranet) and global (internet) networks through sensors that can define and transmit data related to soil conditions, plants, and livestock. With this internet-based tool, all data can be directly sent and recorded automatically into the system for analysis. Plant health, soil conditions, and livestock position can be observed and analyzed using this internet-based system.

6. Blockchain Technology  

BlockChain Development Can Help Agriculture More Efficient

Blockchain is a technology that develops for managing a database on an activity. The database is stored in a decentralized system. All parties/stakeholders will know the details of the conditions and transactions that occurred. In agriculture, for example, plant conditions and quality in detail will be known by traders and their consumers. This will help the supply chain management and monitoring for agricultural products from producers (farmers), traders, until consumers and all involved stakeholders so that are able to understand the condition of the goods and their quality.

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