5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool

5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool F.C.

5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool F.C.-Liverpool is one of the biggest football teams in England and one of the most popular clubs in the world with Twitter followers around 19.1 million, Facebook followers around 35 million people, YouTube subscribers around 6.6 million, and Instagram around 35.2 million. All followers of the social media follower of Liverpool FC are updated until February 2nd, 2022) and it can have additional followers in the next few months. With long traditions of Football with Iconic Anfield Stadium and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, this club has become the biggest one in England and World.

The History with Up and Down Journey

Founded by John Houlding on March 15th, 1892, Liverpool has a long journey in the World of Football. But the era of success appears when Bill Shankly managed this team at the end of the 1950s. After Bill Shankly retired, Bob Paisley takes the charges and become the manager. Under his guidance, Liverpool enters the golden era. Many competitions they had won both domestics and Europe league. In the Bob Paisley Era, Liverpool can win European Cup in 1976–77, 1977–78, and 1980–81. Joe Fagan, the successor of Bob Paisley strives to retain the status by giving the European Cup in 1983–84.

jurgen klopp in Mainz, Dortmund, and Liverpool

After the Fagan era followed by Heysel and Hillsborough disaster, Liverpool enters the declining era. Some managers strive to rebuild this team but they can’t. Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson shows a brilliant performance and they win the league several times in the 1990s. In 2005, Rafael Benitez, the Spaniard give the European Champions League Trophy 2005 after they defeat A.C Milan in a dramatic match in Istanbul, Turkey.

After the sales of Liverpool from Tom Hicks and George Gillet to Fenway Sport led by John W. Henry, Liverpool tries to regain their success. With their experience in managing Boston Red Sox, An American Baseball team, competing in World Series Titles, they try it to Liverpool. With Kenny Daglish and Brendan Rogers as managers, the result in the league is not satisfactory to the fans. Brendan Rogers almost brings Liverpool to the Champions of England in the 2013–14 season but Manchester City takes over in the last moment with 2 points behind.

Jurgen Klopp Era

After that moment, Rodgers fails to repeat his performance in the next season. Until in 2015, he was sacked and replaced by Jurgen Klopp. After the Brendan Rodger era, some candidates are chosen as the next Liverpool manager. Some of them are Carlo Ancelotti, Josep “Pep” Guardiola, and Jurgen Klopp. Finally, Liverpool Choose Jurgen Klopp as the manager to replace Brendan Rodger. 

5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool- Jurgen Klopp's Fans

Jurgen Klopp with his experience in rebuilding Dortmund makes this team the main competitor of Bayern Munich. He brings Borussia Dortmund as Champions of Bundesliga in 2010–11 and 2011–12. in the European Champions leagues, he brings the team to UEFA Champions League runner-up in the 2012–13 season. His brilliance is maximizing the potential of the Players and buying the player with a low budget. He knows the true player that he needs for the team. With his guidance and management, he can change Liverpool gradually. After more than 4 years followed by losses of some final European League (2017-2018), Europa League (2015-2016), and Carling cup (2015-2016), he gives the Liverpool of Champions Leagues cup in the 2018-2019 season and EUFA Super Cup (2019), and FIFA Club World Cup (2019).

5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool- Jurgen Klopp Quote

One year later, he gives the Premier League trophy in the 2019-2020 season amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It ends with a long wait and drought of about 30 years without the Premier League trophy.  Most Liverpool fans want this trophy. As Liverpool’s manager, he has a unique characteristic, and it can change Liverpool thoroughly. Some of the characteristics, tactics, personality, and managerial that can change Liverpool thoroughly are …

1. Gegen Pressing Tactic

Gegen pressing tactics is Jurgen Klopp’s legacy in Liverpool. He applied it that he presses the opponent, long ball passing, destroys the defense system with the movement of the player, and many more. He wants a quick transition from defense to offense or vice versa. His method can change Liverpool in Playing football for several years. They are an attacking football team, not a boring team. With this strategy, some players need endurance and high-level stamina.  From time to time, Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp plays an attractive football with movement, teamwork, and cohesion of his team. Liverpool is a whole team, not an individual team.

5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool- The Normal One

2. King of Maximizing the Potential of Players

Jurgen Klopp knows the player and he can upgrade his level with the help of their team managerial. Many example player is the result of Jurgen Klopp’s work. Some of them are Robert Lewandowski, Mario Götze, Marco Reus, Mat Hummels, Andy Robertson, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Trent Alexander Arnold, and many more. In Dortmund, with a low budget of transfer, he can maximize and find the player at cheap prices and develop them to be the maximum potential.  In Liverpool, he also does that to maximize the potential player of Liverpool.

2. Emotional Manager

His character as manager on the pitch can be seen in some Liverpool matches. He gives motivation, team talk, and spirit to his player. Sometimes, he celebrates with his passion. His passion in the field can show how his enthusiasm leads his teams. Indirectly, some Liverpool supporters always love him with his emotional character.

5 Things How Jurgen Klopp Transforms the Liverpool- From Doubters to Believers

3.  Jurgen Has Strong Relationship with the Supporters

Not only in Borussia Dortmund but also in Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp always became the idol. In the farewell match of Dortmund, he gives respect to fans and many Dortmund fans tear in his resignation. Meanwhile, in Liverpool, he showed it. It came back in 2015 when the first match in Afield, he always gives the salutes in the final match together with players. He showed his respects to supporters because of their support along with the match. In the final match, the approach of supporter’s tribune to salutes them take off his hat, bowed to them respectfully, and always his iconic fist pump to “The Kop”.  Some moments are when he gives the beer to the supporter after the match in Crystal Palace stadium. He sometimes gives critics to the supporters because of negative behaviors, or racism.

4. Jurgen Klopp has Given Positive Financial Impact

in the season of 2014/2015, the Liverpool revenue comes from matchday was 75 million euros, broadcasting 163.8 million euros, and the commercial was 153 million euros. after his managerial and impressive performance of his club several years, it affects the revenue of the club. In the season of 2019/ 2020, match day revenue was around 82.7 million euro, broadcasting 299 million euro, and commercial revenue was around 243 million euro. if compared to 2014/ 2015, this result showed some enhancement of performance.  

5. Humble man or The Normal One

He always showed his smiles when an interview with some reporters or showed proximity to children. Sometimes he jokes with the reporters and children. In the first introduction as Liverpool manages, at a press conference in Anfield, he describes himself as the normal one. Until now, some Liverpool supporters always wear the shawl, mug, t-shirt entitled “The Normal One”.  Besides, he always acknowledges that his success is the result of his team and staff behind that helps him a lot.  He stated he was one of the luckiest people in the world because he was surrounded by great people as a football manager.

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