10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers

10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers

10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers– Based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), there are 10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers. Sugarcane is one of the most widely cultivated agricultural crops in the world. Accumulated, the total area of sugar cane plantation reaches 26 million hectares with a total sugarcane yield of 1.9 billion tons.

10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers- King of Sugarcane

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Based ont the Worldwide Statistics, the World’s production of Sugarcane increased from 1980 to 2021. In 1980, the World’s Production of Sugarcane reached 734 million tonnes with harvested areas around 13 million hectares. Meanwhile in 2021, the World’s production of Sugarcane reached 1.8 billion tonnees with harvested areas around
26 million hectares. Basically, the yield (productivity) of Sugarcane also increase from time to time. In 1980, yield of sugarcane was just 55 tonnes/hectares. In 2021, it has increased into 70 tonnes/hectares.

The World’s Production, Harvested Areas, and Yields of Sugarcane From 1980 to 2021

YearsWorld’s Harvested AreasWorld’s Production of SugarcaneYield
(Hectares (Ha))(Tonnes)(Tonnes/Hectares)
Source : FAOSTAT, 2023

Based on the continent statistics, the production of sugarcane is still concentrated in some areas.  The Americas and Asia continent still became two biggest of sugarcane productions. The America Continent become the biggest producer with production reaching 1 billion tons in 2019 followed by the Asia Continent with the production of 810 million tons. In some minor areas, the Africa continent contributes 97 million tons and Oceania with 34 million tons

10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers- Production by continent

Meanwhile, in 2021, the production of sugarcane is still concentrated in Americas regions with production 961 million tonnes. Furthermore, Asia is the second place with production around 770 million tonnes. In addition, Africa and Oceania produced with minor quantity with output around 94 million tonnes and 32 million tonnes, respectively.

The World’s Production of Sugarcane in 2021 Based on Continent

ContinentProduction of Sugarcane in 2021 Based on Continent

In the Country’s region, there are some countries that have the biggest production of sugarcane.  These countries harvest thousand of millions of tons of sugarcane every year. Here are 10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers in 2019.  These data were obtained from FAO Statistical Corporate Database in 2019.

Table Rank of 10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers

RanksCountryProduction of Sugarcane
3China, mainland106,664,000
9United States of America29,964,310
Source : FAOSTAT, 2023

Brief Description of Table Rank of 10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers

10 World’s Biggest Sugarcane Producers- Brief Description


Brazil still becomes the biggest producer of sugarcane in 2021. Statistically, the production of Samba’s country in 2021 reached 715 million tons. Geographically, there is some states in Brazil with the production of Sugarcane. These states are Sao Paulo with production reach 361 million tons, Goias with production reach 75.8 million tons, Minas Gerais produces 70 million tons, Mato Grosso do Sul produce 47.2 million tons, and Parana with production reach 34 million tons.


India is the second biggest country of sugarcane producers. Statistically, the production of India Sugarcane reaches 405 million tons in 2021. Geographically, there are some states with the main area of sugarcane cultivation. These states are Uttar Pradesh with a total cultivation area reach 21 lakh hectares, Maharashtra reaches 9.36 lakh hectares, Tamil Nadu with cultivation area up to 9.36 lakh hectares, Karnataka around 4.1 lakh hectares, Andhra Pradesh around 1.91 lakh hectare, Bihar with 2.6 lakh hectare, Gujarat reach 1.8 lakh hectare, Haryana reaches 1.3 lakh hectare, Punjab reaches 0.96 lakh hectare, and Uttarakhand with 1.22 lakh hectare.

3.China, mainland         

China became the 3th biggest country of sugarcane producers. In 2021, the production of China’s sugarcane reaches 106 million tons. Geographically, about 80 percent of China’s sugarcane crop is cultivated in the South and Southwest regions, including Guangxi, Guangdong, and Yunnan provinces.  Production in Guangxi contributes 40 percent of national sugarcane.


Pakistan is the 4th biggest producer of sugarcane with productions reaching 88 million tons in 2021. Geographically, there are some provinces in Pakistan that contribute to national production.  Punjab and Sindh are major provinces area with production of more than 90 percent.


Thailand still becomes the First South Asia Country with the biggest production of sugarcane in 2021. Based on the FAO Corporate Statistical database, the production of Thailand’s sugarcane reaches 66 million tons. Statistically, there are some provinces in Thailand with the biggest cultivation area of sugarcane. These provinces are Nakhon Sawan with around 86 thousand hectares, Kamphaeng Phet with 65 thousand hectares, Phetchabun with 35 thousand hectares, Uthai Thani with 30 thousand hectares, and Sukhothai with 24 thousand hectares.


Mexico is the next 6th biggest producer. Statistically, the production of sugarcane from this country reaches 55 million tons. In Mexico, there is some area of sugarcane production. Mexico’s major area is in the Gulf states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Tabasco. Annually, this area produces on average 24 million tonnes of sugarcane. The second biggest major area lies in the Pacific states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Michoacán, and Colima and produces an average of 11 million tonnes annually.

7. Indonesia     

Indonesia is the 7th biggest country of sugarcane producers. In 2021, the production of sugarcane reaches 32 million tons. Geographically, in this country, there are some provinces with the biggest production of Sugarcane. These provinces are Jawa timur, Lampung, Jawa Tengah, and Sumatera Selatan.


Australia is the 8th biggest producer in the world. In 2019, the production of sugarcane from Australia reaches 31 million tons. Basically, Australia’s sugarcane is cultivated in high rainfall and irrigated areas along coastal plains and river valleys of Australia’s eastern coastline between Mossman in far north Queensland and Grafton in New South Wales. Statistically, Queensland contributes about 95 per cent of Australia’s raw national sugar production.

9.United States of America

United States of America is the 9th biggest producer of Sugarcane in 2021. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production of Sugarcane reached 29,964,310 tonnes in 2021. Geograhically, there are some states that has become the main production of sugarcane in USA. These Area includes Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii.

10. Guatemala 

Guatemala is the 10th biggest country of sugarcane producer. Based on the FAO statistical Corporate Database in 2019, the production of sugarcane from Guatelama up to 27 million tons

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10 World's biggest Country Producers of Sugarcane

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