10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers

10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers

10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers– Based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT) in 2019, there are 10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers. Strawberry, as we know, become one of the most popular fruits in the world. Its fruits give exceptional taste and contain nutrition substances. Strawberries are annual herbaceous plants that have a short stem, with jagged compound leaves.

Historically, the cultivation of strawberries began in Europe where the first garden strawberry was grown in Brittany, France, during the late 18th century. Now, Strawberry has spread all over the world. Many countries produce it. Taxonomically, this plant includes in Subdivision: Angiosperms; Class: Dicotyledonae; Order: Rosales; Family: Rosaceae; Genus: Fragaria and Species: Fragaria vesca L. Because the strawberry belongs Rosaceae family, this plant has a close relationship with Apricots (Prunus armeniaca), Rose (Rosa L), Blackberry (Rubus), Cherry (Prunus sub. Cerasus), and Peach (Prunus persica).

10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers- Statistic Production

Statistically, based on the continent, the production of strawberries varies in different areas. Specifically, the major production is still concentrated in the Asia region. Overall, Asia can produce 4.1 million tons, followed by the Americas with the production of strawberries reaching 2.2 million tons, Europe with 1.7 million tons, and Oceania with seventy-two thousand tons.

10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers- King of Strawberries

Based on Countries’ statistics, there are ten world’s biggest countries in strawberry production. This country has a huge amount of harvested strawberries fruits. Here are the 10 World’s Biggest Strawberry Producers in 2019. The Data was obtained from FAO Statistical Corporate Database in 2019. Here are 10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers.

Table Rank of 10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers

RankCountriesProduction of Strawberries in 2019
1China, mainland3,212,814
2United States of America1,021,490
7Russian Federation208,800
8Republic of Korea192,971
Source : FAOSTAT, 2021

Brief Description of   10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers

10 World’s Biggest Strawberries Producers- Brief Description

1. China, mainland        

China become the biggest strawberry producer with production reaching 3,2 million tons in 2019. In China, there are some major provinces of strawberry cultivation. These areas are Hebei, Shandong, and Liaoning Provinces accounting for 60% of national China production. In the field, the Production of strawberries derives from two systems i.e., open field (OF) and protected culture (PC). Open Field a traditional system with fully dependent on an open environment meanwhile protecting culture usually in indoor rooms i.e Greenhouse or Plant Factory.

2. United States of America       

The United States of America become the second biggest of Strawberry Producers. In 2019, the production from this country reaches 1,0 million tons. Geographically, In the United States of America, fresh strawberries production is primarily cultivated in California. These states contribute 90 percent annually and Florida contributes 8 percent.

3. Mexico          

Mexico become the third biggest strawberry producer. Based on the FAO Statistical Database in 2019, the production from this country reaches eighty-six thousand tons. Geographically, Central Mexico contributes around 65% of total Mexican strawberry volume with Michoacán regions is the main area of strawberry production in Central Mexico. Michoacán has a favorable geographical location and mild, temperate climate that is suitable for strawberries cultivation.

4. Turkey           

Turkey is the fourth biggest strawberry producer in 2019. Accumulatively, the production of Strawberry from this country reaches 486 thousand tons. Geographically, in Turkey, the main strawberry cultivating regions in Turkey are spread in several areas, namely Mediterranean (52.1%), Aegean (24.7%), and Marmara (14.6%). In the Mediterranean region, Mersin city has generated 35% of total production followed by Aydin, Antalya, Bursa, and Konya.

5. Egypt

Egypt is the next fifth biggest country of strawberry production. Statistically, the production of Egypt’s strawberry is 460 thousand tons. Statistically, Egypt has around five thousand hectares of strawberry land area for strawberry production. Geographically, the governorates that grow strawberries are Ismailia, Beheira, and Qaluobia.

6. Spain

Spain become a European country that has one of the biggest producers of strawberries. In 2019, the production of strawberries reach 351 thousand tons. Statistically, over 90% of Spain’s production of strawberries takes place in the Huelva region.

7. Russian Federation   

Russia became the seventh biggest region of strawberry production. In 2019, based on FAO Statistical Database, the production of strawberries reach 208 thousand tons. Genetically, in this country, some popular breeding of strawberries is Komsomolka, Naryadnaya, Pozdnyaya Zagorya, My- sovka), using the best foreign varieties Victoria, Luisa, Sharples, Prenner, Deutch Evern.

8. Republic of Korea      

The Republic of Korea became the eighth biggest strawberry producer. In 2019, the production of strawberries reach 192 thousand tons. Geographically, the major growing regions in Korea are Gyeongsangnam-do (contributes 34 % of total production) and Chungcheongnam-do (contributes 32%), followed by Jeollanam-do (10 %) and Jeollabuk-do (9%). Specifically, the cities of Jinju and Miryang (in Gyeongsangnam-do), Nonsan (in Chungcheongnam-do), and the county Damyang (in Jeollanam-do) contributes 35 % of Korea’s national strawberry production.

9. Poland           

Poland is the ninth biggest country of strawberry production in 2019. Based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database in 2019, the production of strawberries reach 185 thousand tons. Geographically, the major area of strawberry cultivation is in Mazoeieckie voivodeship, Lebelskie, and Swietokrzyske. statistically, these regions contribute more than two-thirds of national Poland Strawberry.

10. Morocco     

Morocco is the 10th biggest strawberry production in 2019. Statistically, based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database in 2019, the production of Morocco’s Strawberry reach 167 thousand tons. In this country, there are several areas of strawberry cultivation. Geographically, these areas are Souss-Massa Draa, Loukkos, and Ghard.

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