10 World's Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries – Based on data from the FAO Statistical Database (FAO Stats), there are 10 World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries. So far, Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is one of the tuberous vegetable crops that are widely cultivated in various countries in the world.). Based on its history, this plant is one of the oldest crops originating from the Asian continent.

10 World's Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries - King of Garlic

Functionally, garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a very important commodity because it has many functional uses, especially as a cooking ingredient and medicinal. Biochemically, garlic bulbs contain compounds allicin and scordinin which are antibiotic substances, and this can increase the immune system of the human body. In addition, from a culinary perspective, Garlic is also known as a cooking ingredient and is very popular. Commonly, the bulb of garlic has a spicy and fragrant aroma because it contains methyl allyl disulfide compounds that make dishes more delicious.

Taxonomically, the garlic plant belongs to the Kingdom: Plantae; Order: Asparagales; Family: Amaryllidaceae; Subfamily: Allioideae; Genus: Allium; Species: A. sativum. Based on the classification, this plant is included in the Amaryllidaceae family, so it has a closed relationship with blood lily (Cape tulip), Cornish lily (Nerine), belladonna lily, onions (A. cepa), French shallots (A. oschaninii), and the other plants with the same family.

The World’s Production, Harvested Areas, and Yield of Garlic From 1980 to 2021

YearsWorld’s Harvested AreasWorld’s Production of Garlic in 2021Yield / Productivity
(Hectares)(Tonnes(Tonnes / Hectares)
Source : FAOSTAT, 2023

In all over te World, the World’s garlic production has increased from time to time. In 1980, the production of Garlic is just 4 million tonnes with harvested areas around 614 thousand hectares (ha). Ina addition, in 2021, the production of garlic has become 28 million tonnes with harvested areas around 1.6 million hectares. Based on yield variabel, the value of yield of garlic has increased from 6.8 tonnes/ hectare in 1980 into 17 million tonnes/ hectare.

10 World's Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries - Production Based on Continent

According to the FAO database in 2019, the total production of garlic worldwide reached 30.7 million tons with a recorded land area of 1.6 million hectares. If viewed in terms of continents, garlic production is still concentrated on the Asian continent with production reaching 2 million tons (contributing about 90% of the world’s total garlic production), followed by the African continent with 800 thousand tons (contributing 2.7% of the total production). world production), then the Americas by 780 thousand tons (contributing to 2.6% of the total world production).

The Production of Garlic in 2021 Based on Continent

ContinentProduction of Garlic in 2021
Source : FAOSTAT, 2023

Meanwhile, in 2021, the production of garlic based on continent was still dominated in Asia with production around
25 million tonnes. Furthermore, production of Europe, Americas, and Africa is around 922 thousand tonnes, 800 thousand tonnes, and 776 thousand tonnes.

If you look at the country statistics, of course, there are several countries with the biggest garlic production in the world. The ranking data were obtained from the FAO statistical Database (FAO Stats) from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) from the United Nations (UN). Here is the ranking of the 10 biggest garlic-producing countries in the world in 2021.

Table Rank 10 World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries

RanksCountries Production of Garlic in 2021
1China, mainland20,457,499
6Republic of Korea308,532
Source : FAOSTAT, 2023

Brief Description of 10 World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries

10 World's Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries - Brief description

1.China, mainland             

China become the World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Country in 2021. Based on the FAO Statistical database, the production of Garlic reached 20.4 million tons. Geographically, in China, based on the Statista database in 2016, there are several provinces with the Highest production of Garlic. These provinces are Shandong with production reach 2.3 million tons, Henan reaches 1.3 million tons, Jiangsu reaches 840 thousand tons, Yunnan reaches 480 thousand tons, Hebei reaches 240 thousand tons, and another province. Genetically, in China, there are several local cultivars of Garlic namely Aching garlic from Heilongjiang, Changshan garlic from Shandong, Yingxian garlic from Shanxi, Taichang garlic from Jiangsu, Chucheng garlic from Anhui, Jiading garlic from Shanghai, Shanggao garlic from Jiangxi, and Chuanxi garlic from Sichuan.


India is the 2nd   World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries in 2021. According to the FAO Statistical database, the production of India’s Garlic reaches 3.1 million tons. In India, Geographically, there are some States with the Highest production of Garlic Based on Apeda in 2017-2018, these states are Rajasthan with production reach 582 thousand tons, Uttar Pradesh with production reach 188 thousand tons, Gujarat reaches 151 thousand tons, Punjab reaches 73 thousand tons, and Assam reaches 61 thousand tons.  Genetically, there are some garlic cultivars from India, namely Bhima Purple, Bhima Omkar, Yamuna Safed-3, and Agrifound Parvati.


Bangladesh is the next World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries. In 2021, Based on the FAO Statistical database, the production of Bangladesh’s Garlic reach 501 thousand tons. In this country, there are some garlic cultivars. These are BARI Roshun-1, BARI Roshun-2, BARI Roshun-3, BARI Roshun-4 which were developed by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), GC-017, GC-023, GC-018, GC-006. Although the highest production of Garlic, this country still imported garlic from China.


Egypt is the next 4th world’s biggest garlic producer. In 2021, the production of garlic reaches 348 thousand tons. In Egypt, there are some popular cultivars of Garlic namely Balady and Chinese-Sids40.


Spain is the biggest producer of the Europe Continent. According to the FAO Statistical database, garlic production reaches 315 thousand tons. In Spain, geographically, the main garlic cultivation area is spread over in some regions. These areas are Castile-La Mancha, which currently has 19,292 hectares of garlic area, followed by Andalusia, with 4,838 hectares of garlic area, Castile-Leon, with 1,786 hectares, Madrid, with 872 hectares, and Extremadura, with approximately 500 hectares. Genetically, there are some cultivars of garlic in Spain namely Spanish Roja garlic, Spring White, American White, Morados, and Violets.

6.Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea is the 6 th World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries. The Production of Garlic in this country up to 315 thousand tons. Geographically, in this country, there is the main center of garlic production namely Changnyeong and Uiseong region.


Ukraine is the 7th World’s Biggest Garlic-Producing Countries. Based on FAO statistical database in 2021, the production of Garlic from Ukraine reaches 215 thousand tons. In this country, there are some garlic varieties namely Prometheus, Harnas, Promin, Sophia’s, Manuilovsky, Goodness, and Merefiansky white. Odessa region is one of the areas garlic Cultivation.


Myanmar is the 8th biggest producer of Garlic in 2021. Statistically, based on the FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT) in 2021, the production of Garlic reached 210,861 tonnes.

9. Algeria 

Algeria is the biggest country in Africa besides Egypt. In 2021, its production reaches 195.9 thousand tons.  This country also exported its garlic production to other countries.


Uzbekistan is one of the biggest with production reach 195.4 thousand tons. The product garlic from Uzbekistan are turban garlic. The turban Garlic has large bulbs.

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