10 World's Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives

10 World’s Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives

10 World’s Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives- Based on the Report from International Cooperative Alliance (ICCOP) entitled “World Cooperative Monitor (Exploring The Cooperative Economy Report 2022)”, there are 10 World’s Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives in 2020. This report basically ranks the cooperative all across the world with has huge turnover in 2020. The main indicator in ranks the cooperatives is based on the Turnover of cooperative in 2020.

10 World's Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives- List of Cooperatives

Principally, a cooperative is an autonomous organization of persons that unite voluntarily to achieve the same economic, social, and cultural goals and aspirations. These cooperatives basically owned by people (members) and the director, or the supervisor of the cooperative is selected by people (member) as a stakeholder.  Historically, the cooperative movement started in the 19th century, primarily in Britain and France. Some of the famous figures that initiate this movement. Robert Owen, William King, Franz Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen are some of the few of prominent figures in the development of cooperatives. They want to help people with poor economic conditions and then boost to improve their prosperity. In Cooperatives, one of the main goals is to bring constructive and positive change to many people as members.

Of all databases, there are 10 World’s Biggest Cooperatives. Here are the rank of 10 World’s Biggest Cooperatives. All of the data was obtained from “World Cooperative Monitor (Exploring the cooperative economy REPORT 2022)” by International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). This rank was arranged based on the Turnover of cooperatives in 2020.

The Rank of 10 World’s Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives

RanksName of Education, Health,
and Social Work Cooperatives
Turnover in 2020
(Billion US$)
1Sistema Unimed 14.83
2HealthPartners Inc.7.03
3Fundación Espriu1.98
4Aichi ken Health Federation1.17
5Grupo Empresarial Cooperativo Coomeva1.06
6Japan Culture and Welfare Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives0.8
7Coosalud Sa0.72
8Emssanar Sas0.579
9Asmet Salud Eps Sas0.53
Source : World Cooperative Monitor 2022, International Cooperative Alliance

Brief Description of 10 World’s Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives

10 World's Biggest Education, Health, and Social Cooperatives- Brief Descriptions

1.Sistema Unimed         

Systema Unimed is a Brazil health-based cooperative that was founded in 1967. Operationally, this cooperative has main office in Alameda Santos, São Paulo, Brazil.  Along with the development of this cooperative, Systema Unimed has developed with have 341 branches of medical cooperatives, more than 118 thousand of Doctors, and has served 19 million of people.  Financially, in 2020, Sistema Unimed generated a turnover at 14.83 billion US$.

2.HealthPartners Inc.    

HealthPartners is an integrated healthcare cooperative providing healthcare services and health plan financing and administration. Historically, HealthPartners was founded in 1957. Along with the business development of HealthPartners, this cooperative has 1.8 million medical and dental health plan members in the USA. Furthermore, HeathPartners has 1,800 physicians that serve more than 1.2 million patients. Based on the labor force, HealthPartners has employed over 26,000 people.    Operationally, this cooperative has a main office in Bloomington, Minnesota. Based on financial performance, in 2020,   HealthPartners generated turnover at 7.03 billion US$.

3.Fundación Espriu       

Fundación Espriu is Spanish Healtcare cooperative that was initiated by  Dr. Josep Espriu in 1955 while visiting  Igualatorio Médico de Bilbao to learn about the free choice of surgery system. Formally, the establishment of Fundación Espriu was in 1989. Operationally, this helthcare cooperative has a main offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Commonly, Fundación Espriu consist of some healthcare institutions, namely Autogestió Sanitària SCCL, Lavínia SC, Health Care Facilities Scias SCCL and Asisa. Financially, in 2020, Fundación Espriu generated turnover 1.98 billion US$

4.Aichi ken Health Federation  

Aichi ken Health Federation is the health cooperative in Aichi Prefecture. Financially, this cooperative generated turnover around 1.17 billion US$.

5.Grupo Empresarial Cooperativo Coomeva      

Coomeva is Columbia cooperative that has main office in Cali, Valle. Historically, this cooperative was founded in 1964.  Financially, in 2020, Coomeva generated turnover at 1.06 billion US$.

6.Japan Culture and Welfare Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives   

Japan Culture & Welfare Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives is medical cooperative that has main office in SHIBUYA-KU, TOKYO. Functionally, this cooperative supplies pharmaceuticals, medical materials, and medical devices, food, and health and welfare materials to their members. Financially, in 2020, this cooperative generated turnover at 0.8 billion US$.

7.Coosalud Sa  

Coosalud is healthcare cooperative that has main office in Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia. Historically, this cooperative was established in 1994. Financially, Coosalud generated turnover at 0.72 billion US$.

8.Emssanar Sas

Emssanar Sas is a healthcare cooperative from Columbia. Along with business development, this healthcare cooperative that has 1,928,025 thousand members in the southwest of Colombia. Operationally, this cooperative has administrative office in Cali and Pasto. Financially, in 2020, Emssanar Sas generated turnover 0.58 billion US$

9.Asmet Salud Eps Sas  

Asmet Salud EPS SAS is Columbia cooperative that has its main office in Popayán, Cauca, Colombia. Financially, in 2020,  Asmet Salud EPS SAS generated a turnover of around 0.53 billion US$.


Comparta is Columbia cooperative that has its main office in Bucaramanga, Santander. Financially, in 2020, Comparta generated turnover 0.44 billion US$.

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