10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries-There are 10 World’s Biggest banana-producing countries according to data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2019. Bananas (Musa sp) are one of the favorite fruits in the world around the world. Many nutrients are contained in bananas such as carbohydrates, manganese, protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. The following are 10 banana-producing countries in the world based on data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2019.

10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries- Production of Banana Based on Continent

Banana is a plant that belongs to the Musaceae family. There are many species of banana in the world. From time to time, the banana is still one of the most popular crops in the worlds Based on the Food and Agriculture Organization Statistical Database (FAO Stats), the total worldwide production of bananas reaches 116 million tons with a harvested area of 5.1 million hectares. Based on the continent, statistically, the main region of Banana production is in Asia, America, and Africa continent.  Total Production of Banana in Asia Continent reach 63 million tons, America reaches 29 million tons, and Africa produces 21 million tons.  

Rank Table of 10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries

RankCountriesProduction of Banana
(in Tons)
2China, mainland11,655,700
9United Republic of Tanzania3,406,936
Source : FAO Statistical Database (FAO Stas), 2019

Brief Description of 10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Banana-Producing Countries - Brief description

1. India

India is the world’s biggest Banana-Producing Country in 2019. Accumulatively, its total banana production reaches 30.8 million tons with a planted area of around 800 thousand hectares. In this country, bananas are the most important fruit crop commodity in India because they are the most widely grown besides mangoes. There is the main area of the Banana plantation in India. The banana-growing areas in India are the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Assam with the states of Maharashtra and Tamil Nandu as the largest banana-growing areas. In the country where Mahatma Gandhi originated, the types of bananas grown in India include Monthan, Poovan, Dwarf Cavendish, Nendran, Red banana, Basrai, Ardhapuri, Nyali, Safed Velchi Rasthali, and Karpurvalli.

2. China

China is the second-largest country after India as the world’s largest banana producer in 2019. Most of the banana-growing areas in China are in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, and Yunnan. Its total production in 2019 reached 11.2 million tons with a planting area of 370 thousand hectares. The types of bananas cultivated in China are divided into four types, namely Xiangyajiao (AAA), Dajiao (ABB), Fenjiao (ABB), and Longyajiao (AAB).

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is the 3rd largest country as the largest banana producer in the world. In 2019, its production reached 7.2 million tons. The largest banana growing areas in Indonesia are East Java, West Java, and Lampung. Ambon, Mas, Kepok, Cavendish, Raja Bandung, and tanduk bananas are some of the popular types of bananas in Indonesia and are widely grown in this country.

4. Brazil

Brazil is the 4th biggest country as the banana producer in the World. According to FAO Data in 2019, its production reached 6.7 million tons. In this country, the main areas for banana cultivation in Brazil are in the Regions of São Paulo, Bahia, Minas Gerais, and Parána. In terms of the banana plant cultivar, there are several types of bananas planted, namely Banana-maçã (Apple banana), Banana-nanica (dwarf banana), Banana prata (silver banana), Banana ouro (gold banana), Banana pacova (pacova banana).

5. Ecuador

Ecuador is the 5th biggest country as the banana producer in the World. Its banana production in 2019 reached 6.5 million tons. Banana cultivation areas in this country are in El Oro, Guayas, and Los Ríos. In addition, in this country, there are several large banana companies Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole, and Noboa that produce and market Ecuadorian bananas. There are several favorite types of bananas in this country, namely Plátano Verde, Plátano Maduro, Orito, Red Banana, and Manzano.

7. Guatemala   

Guatemala is the 7th biggest banana producer. In 2019, its national production reached 4.341.564 tons. Fundamentally, the banana economy can employ around 25 thousand people. It’s quite good to boost the economic conditions.  Total banana agribusiness contributes about 16.4 percent of agricultural revenues in this country. Guatemala also exports its banana to several Countries namely the United States of America.  Around 90 percent of the bananas are produced along Guatemala’s south coast and the harvesting banana is sold to the company like Dole, Chiquita, Del Monte, and Fyffes. Overall, around 80 thousand of land are planted with Banana. 

8. Angola           

Angola is the 8th biggest country in banana production. In Africa, Angola is still the biggest country as a banana producer. Based on FAO in 2019, its banana production reach 4 million tons. In this country, bananas are still one of the favorite fruits in Angola.

9. the United Republic of Tanzania  

Tanzania is one of the biggest countries as banana producers in the world. In 2019, the national production of bananas in Tanzania reaches 3,4 million tons. There are some main regions as banana production areas. Kagera, Kilimanjaro, and Mbeya regions together produce about 80% of the total banana production in the country.  In this country, Bananas are intercropped with other annual and perennial crops like coffee, maize, beans, cassava. This method is an alternative manner to increase the productivity of the economy of farmers.

10. Colombia    

Colombia is the 10th biggest country as a Banana producer. In 2019, their production reaches 2,9 million tons. Antioquia, Urabá, and Magdalena have 80% of the area planted of bananas in Colombia. This country is a famous exporter of Cavendish Banana.

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