10 World’s Largest Avocado Producers-in-2022

10 World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Countries– There are 10 World’s biggest avocado-producing countries based on Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) database in 2024. So far, avocado (Persea americana) is a fruit plant originating from American Continent and it has been planted in many countries all over the world. Based on its nutritional content, avocados are also a complete source of nutrients because they contain vitamins C, E, and K, as well as folate, potassium, a few antioxidants that are good for health. Commonly, in some countries, avocado can be consumed freshsly and can be processed into mashed avocado, avocado juice, and others. In processing tratment, avocado can be processed into Avocado oil.

10 World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Countries- King of Avocadoes

Statistically, from time to time, Avocados has bigger demand from time to time. It can be seen from the production and harvested areas of avocados. Based on the production, the world’s avocado production reached 1.5 million tons in 1980 and in 2021, it became 8.6 million tons. Meanwhile, the harvested areas of avocados have also in the increasing area. in 1980, the harvested area of avocados just 188 thousand hectares and in 2021, it became 858 thousand tons. After more than 40 years, this fruit has become one of the most popular fruits because of its increasing demand from time to time. in the future, the potential increasing demand could be happen because of the needs of human consumption and the growth of human populations from time to time.

World’s Production and Harvested Areas of Avocados From 1980 to 2022

YearsHarvested AreasProduction of Avocados
Source: FAOSTAT, 2024

In 2022, Avocado Production in all over the world based on FAO Statistical Database reached 8.9 million tons with cultivated area up to 884 thousand hectares. Specifically, According to the continent area if we look at the production area.  The American Continent still became the main center of avocado production with 6 million tons. The Continent of Africa, Asia, and Europe was next with the production of 1.2 million tons, 1 million tons, and 147 thousand tons, respectively.

The Summary of Avocado Production in 2022 Based on Global, Continent and Countries Region

Historically, the avocado plant (Persea americana) came from Central America, namely Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Until now, along with its benefits, the cultivation of this plant has spread widely to various countries. Specifically,  the name of “Avocado” came from the Spanish word “aguacate”, in turn derived from the Aztec words “Ahuacatl” and “ahoacaquahuitl”.  This Spanish name of avocado, Aguacate, was first used in 1550 by Pedro de Cieza de Leon (1518-1554), an spanish conquistador and historian.

Some of the popular Avocado Cultivars

To date, of all types of avocados, there are 3 major groups of avocado species, namely the Mexican, West Indian, and Guatemalan groups. All three have differences in fruit size, fruit skin texture, taste, fat content, resistance to disease and storage, and adaptability to the environment. In Taxonomically in Biology Science, this plant belongs to the order Laurales and the family Lauraceae so that this plant is still closely related to cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), cassia vera (C. burmanii), and scented wood or camphor wood (C. camphora).

Table Ranking of the World’s Biggest Avocado Producing Countries

RankCountriesProduction of Avocados in 2022
4Dominican Republic737,201
8Viet Nam210,595
Source : FAOSTAT, 2024

Brief Description of 10 World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Countries

10 World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Countries - Brief desciption

1. Mexico

Mexico became the World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Country. In 2022, its avocado production reached 2.5 million tons with a planted area of around 100 thousand hectares. Mexico’s avocado production area is concentrated in the state of Michoacán and most avocado production comes from this state. Types of avocadoes grown in Mexico include Fuerte, Hass, Bacon, Reed, Criollor, and Zutano.

2. Colombia

Columbia is the 2nd biggest avocado producer in the world. In 2022, the total production reached 1 million tons. The Hass Avocado is one of the most widely cultivated types of avocadoes in the country. In this country, many avocado plantation developments have been carried out because of the large potential area. Geographically, in Columbia, one of the most planted of avocado are Hass, contributing more than 20% of total areas. In addition, the other cultivars are Reed and Collinred. Geographically, the main growing areas of Avocado in Columbia located in Antioquia, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Santander and Nariño (Garcia et al., 2021). In addition, many foreign investors have invested in this country, thus supporting the acceleration of the expansion of avocado production.

3. Peru

Introduced to Peru in the 15th Century, Avocado still has one of the major crops in Peru. Statistically, Peru is the 3rd World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Country. In 2022, the total production reached 866 thousand tons. Some of the avocado-growing areas in the country are La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, Aca, and Ancash. Hass and Fuerte are some of the most popular avocado species in this region. Until now, Peruvian avocados are also exported to foreign markets especially in the European region.

4. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the 4th World’s Biggest Avocado-producing Country. In 2022, the total production reached 737 thousand tons. The planting area is almost spread out in various regions of the country, namely in the North, in the Southwest, in the Central, and in the South. To date, some of the avocado growing areas in the country are in Elias Piña, Moca, Altamira, San Cristobal, San José de Ocoa, Mao, Montecristi, Dajabón, Barahona, San Juan, La Romana, El Seibo, Baní, and Duvergé. In terms of plant agronomy, the most widely cultivated avocado types are Carla, Semil 34, and Hass with the type of Semil-34 being widely most produced in this country.

5. Kenya 

Kenya was the 5th biggest avocado producer. In 2022, its avocado production reached 458 thousand tons. The area for avocado production in this country around more than 20 thousand hectares. The avocado plantation spread across Nandi, Bomet, Uasin Gishu, Trans- Nzoia, Bungoma, and Siaya.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia is the 6th avocado-producing country in the world. In 2022, the total production reached 389 thousand tons. Basically, this fruit is one of the fruits that are in demand by the people of Indonesia. In terms of geography, the largest planting areas for this commodity are in the provinces of East Java, West Java, West Sumatra, Central Java, and South Sumatra. When viewed from the type, there are several popular types of avocadoes, namely the type of avocado Wina, kendil, mentega, miki, and Pluwang.

7. Brazil

Brazil was the 7th biggest avocado producer in the world. In 2022, the avocado production of Samba Country reached 338 thousand tons. The major avocado areas in Brazil are in several states mainly Sâo Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Ceará. In terms of cultivars of avocado, the avocado cultivars are Pollock, Fuchs, Simmonds, Prince, Linda, and Wagner. These cultivars are introduced from foreign countries. Besides the introduction of cultivars, some local avocado cultivars from Brazil are still cultivated in these countries. Some of them are Geada, Fortuna, Quintal, Ouro Verde, and Solano.

8. Vietnam

Vietnam is the 8th biggest producer of Avocado in 2022. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production Avocados from Vietnam reached 212,595. Geograhically, the main cultivation region of avocados located in the provinces of Dong Nai, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Lam Dong, Dac Lac and Phu Tho.

9. Israel  

Israel is also one of the biggest producers of avocado in 2022. According to FAO Statistical Corporate Database (FAOSTAT), the production of avocado from Israel reached 189,667 tons. The main cultivation of avocado areas in Israsel are located along the Coastal Plain from Rosh Hanikra in the North down to the Gaza belt district, in addition to Israel’s hinterland areas such as the Jordan Valley and the Upper Galilee (Eastern Valleys). Based on its contribution, The production share of the Avocado along the coast contributes 70% of total.  Menawhile, the remaining of 30% located in the Eastern Valleys. Specifically, The extensive area of the Avocado plantations can be found on kibbutzim   while a smaller proportion are grown by Moshavim (cooperative villages). Based on its genetic condition, Some avocado cultivars are planted in Israel, namely Galil variety, Ettinger, Hass, Fuerte, Reed variety..

10. Haiti   

Haiti was the 10th biggest avocado producer in the world. In 2022, Haitian Avocados reached 173 thousand tons. In this country, avocados are one of the main agricultural commodities. Some of the avocado’s production is exported to another country namely Dominican Republic.

The Summary of 10World’s Largest Avocado Producers in 2022

Summary of 10 World's Largest Avocado Producers in 2022

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