10 Crucial Moments of Divock Origi with Liverpool F.C.

10 Crucial Moments of Divock Origi with Liverpool F.C.

10 Crucial Moments of Divock Origi with Liverpool F.C.- Divock Okoth Origi commonly known as Divock Origi is a special Liverpool F.C. Player who was born in Ostend, Belgium on April 18th, 1995. He known as the savior of Liverpool F.C. in crucial moments and saved this team in more times. Unfortunately, after more than 5 years in Liverpool, he decided to leave this Merseyside club. His contribution to the club with minimal performance admires Liverpool Fans around the World and remain his crucial goals in some moments.

10 Crucial Moments of Divock Origi with Liverpool F.C.- The Thropies and Divock Origi

Historically, he was transferred from Lille with a cost £10 million in 2014. He has made 175 appearances to Liverpool. His seasons for almost 8 years was spent on the bench as reserved players. Highly competitive players, namely Bobby Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Takumi Minamino, Diogo Jota, and Luiz Diaz in his positions make him sometimes was excluded from Starting Line-up of Liverpool. Although his playing time is not enough from him, he can contribute to his team with crucial Goals. Here are 10 Crucial Moments of Divock Origi with Liverpool F.C. that will be memorized by Liverpool Fans and Football fans.

1. F.C. Barcelona – May 7, 2019

This is one of the important match of Liverpool in the Champions Leagues semifinal. In the second leg match in Anfield, Liverpool needs to win 4-0 to get through the final in 2018/2019. Because of Liverpool defeat in Camp Nou (first leg) with 0-3, Liverpool F.C. rise to win the match in second match. In that match, Divock Origi contributes with two goals in the 7th and 79th minutes. His two goals help Liverpool get through the Champions League Finals in 2018/2019.

2. Tottenham Hotspur – June 1, 2019

After Defeating FC. Barcelona in the semi-final, they face the Tottenham Hotspur in the Finals. In this match. Liverpool F.C wins the Final with two goals and become the Champions League in 2018/2019. Origi came as substitute player in the second half exactly in 87th-minute seals the Liverpool crowned the Champions League Winner.

3. Everton – December 2, 2018

In the Merseyside Derby of the 2018/ 2019 season, Liverpool faces an inconvenient situation to score a goal until 90th minutes. In the additional time, Divock Origi score the only goal for Liverpool in the corner situations exactly in 96th minutes.

4. Everton – December 4, 2019

In the Merseyside derby on 8th December 2019, Divock Origi score two goals and help Liverpool win a comfortable win with 5-2. He scores in 6th and 31st minutes. Without Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, Origi becomes the hero with two goals in this match.

5. Wolves – December 2021

In this English Premier League match exactly on December 4th, 2021, Liverpool also faces the inconvenient situation to score the goals. Some attacking system and opportunity from Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and the others creates none less goals. After Origi enters the pitch as substitute player, he became the hero with the goal in 94th minute. Finally, Liverpool wins this match with 1-0 and got three points.

6. Arsenal – October 30, 2019

In the Carabao Cup on October 30th, 2019, at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool faces the Arsenal. As a starting line-up player in this match, Origi became the hero with his two goals in 62nd and 90+4th minutes. His two goals bring the Liverpool go to the next phase.

7. Borussia Dortmund – April 7 and 15, 2016

In the Quarterfinal of the Europa League and the first season of Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool Manager, Liverpool faces Dortmund in this phase. In first leg at Signal Idunia Park, Liverpool can give the draws result with 1-1. Divock Origi score the goal in 30th minute.

In the second at Anfield, this match was very thrilling match because Liverpool was 3-1 down at Anfied until 65th minute. They finally win the match with final score 4-3 and bring Liverpool to the Semi-final face Villareal. Origi score the goal in 48th minutes.

8. Newcastle United – May 5, 2019

In the Premier League season 2018/2019, Liverpool away to Newcastle United at St James Park Stadium. Until 80th minutes, the score still 2-2 draw and it seems to be draw for both teams. Until Origi came from the bench to substitute the injured of Mohamed Salah in 73rd minutes. Finally, in 86th minutes, he scores the header goal and brings the Liverpool to win the match with 3-2 and get three points.

9. West Bromwich Albion – December 13, 2015

In the season of 2015/2016 at anfield, Liverpool Face West Bromwich Albion. In this thrilling match, Liverpool face difficult match. Until 90th, they still left behind of West Bromwich with 1-2. Divock Origi saved the Liverpool in this match with his goal in 90+ 6th minute and avoid the Liverpool F.C in loss at Anfied. At this match, he came in 76th minutes and become substitute player of Dejan Lovren.

10. Sunderland – November 26, 2016

In the English Premier season 2016/2017, Origi score the goal breaker in 76th minutes and brings the Liverpool win the match with 2-0. He came in in 34th minutes to replace the Injured Coutinho. Liverpool faces the difficult match to score the goal until Origi score the opening goal in 76th minute.

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